Case studies

Problem Technique
4  Use of historical control data nested random effects
5  Meta-analysis to estimate treatment effects aggregate data modeling & varying exposure times of count data
6  Use of historical control data with stratification meta-analysis with covariates & use of mixture priors
7  Probability of success from a single arm trial prior elicitation and use of RBesT mixtures as priors
8  Dose finding non-linear models
9  Oncology dose escalation constrained parameters
10  Time-to-event modelling in Oncology dose escalation piece-wise constant survival model with Poisson regression & non-linear link function
11  Multiple imputation multi-variate outcome modeling
12  Longitudinal data longitudinal modeling with different covariance structures (MMRM)
13  Bayesian Mixed effects Model for Repeated Measures unstructured MMRM for a continuous endpoint
14  Time-to-event data parametric time-to-event modeling with customized parametrization by using user-defined contrasts
15  Network meta-analysis arm based network meta-analysis