Case 1 PKPD Data Set



A data frame with the following 21 columns:

column 1:IDinteger; unique subject ID
column 2:TIMEnumeric; time relative to first drug administration
column 3:NOMTIMEnumeric; nominal time
column 4:TIMEUNITfactor; unit of TIME
column 5:AMTinteger; dosing amount (for dosing events) in mg
column 6:LIDVnumeric; observation on a linear scale (observation type determined by CMT), units determined by EVENTU column
column 7:CMTinteger; compartment number (determines observation type):
CMT 1 = Dosing event
CMT 2 = PK concentration
CMT 3 = Continuous response data
CMT 4 = Count response data
CMT 5 = Ordinal response data
CMT 6 = Binary response data
column 8:NAMEfactor; description of event
column 9:EVENTUfactor; unit for observation
column 10:CENSinteger; censored values (0 = not censored, 1 = censored)
column 11:EVIDinteger; event ID (0 = observation, 1 = dosing event)
column 12:WEIGHTBnumeric; baseline body weight (kg)
column 13:eff0numeric; efficacy
column 14:TRTACTfactor; treatment group label
column 15:DOSEinteger; Dose in mg
column 16:PROFDAYinteger; day of profile
column 17:PROFTIMEnumeric; time within PROFDAY
column 18:CYCLEinteger; count of drug administrations received
column 19:PARTinteger; part of study
column 20:STUDYinteger; study
column 21:IPREDnumeric; individual prediction