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Don’t know where to start? Follow this introduction video and slides from R Pharma 2022.



{shinyValidator} aims at automating the audit of a Shiny App project’s quality, particularly required during a validation/qualification process. There are many different tools available to validate Shiny apps but, to the best of our knowledge, nothing has been made to get a global overview in a centralized report.

By default, {shinyValidator}:

  • Lints the code to ensure consistency and quality.
  • Runs a devtools::check() to assess package quality.
  • Checks whether the Shiny app starts and is alive after heavy usage (requires headless browser solutions like shinytest2).
  • Performs output comparison between commits (plot, htmlwidget).
  • Launches a load test to measure app performance and identify bottlenecks (user concurrency, …) with shinyloadtest.
  • Records an overall code profiling with profvis.
  • Audits reactivity with reactlog.
  • Provides overview of project structure with flow.

Another goal of {shinyValidator} is to promote testing and automation (CI/CD) to deliver better Shiny apps in production.


  • It must be run within a package Shiny app project, compatible with golem.
  • It requires to control R package dependencies with renv.


You can install the preview version of {shinyValidator} with:




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