Testing Notes


TestNG is used for all automated testing of the API and web services. Selenium will be used for testing the yada-admin tool, eventually.


Unit Testing

Definition: Validation of execution of specific methods in the framework, independent of any specific data source.

There are currently no unit tests written or running.

Integration Testing

Definition: Validation of execution of features in a variety of contexts including

  • Use of YADA Index on multiple database vendor and technology platforms
    • MySQL®
    • Oracle®
    • PostgreSQL®
    • SQLite®
  • Use of YADA Java® and Web API
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) queries for all supported data types:
    • Character ?v
    • Floating Point ?n
    • Integer ?i
    • Date ?d
    • Time ?t
  • All YADA Parameters
  • Combinations of parameters to success and failure

Tests are also segmented to take advantage of context-specific scenarios such as database-vendor-specific features, or path-style URIs.